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Car Accident, The most legendary person in the entertainment industry was definitely Lu Zhen., Lu Zhen entered the entertainment industry at the age of seven because of an advertisement. At the age of eight, she played the role of a younger sister in a comedy and became famous., When she was seventeen, she ventured into the movie industry after starring in the film “Ancient”., The next year, Lu Zhen played the role of the actress Yue Qin in “Beauty”. She was loved by everyone and won the Best Actress Award., At the age of 20, in the movie “Qinghe Bay”, Lu Zhen played two roles. With her superb acting skills, she won the Golden Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards at the same time., That same year, “The Price” was broadcasted overseas, and her fame rose. Winning the Best Actress Award at the Paris International Film Festival further advanced her acting career., After she became an international movie queen, someone sorted out the awards she had won and concluded that she had won almost all of them., In just thirteen years, she had filmed various advertisements, variety shows, movies, and television dramas. Without exception, any program that had her would become popular., Countless high-end brands looked for her to endorse their products, and famous directors both domestically and internationally extended offers, hoping that she would star in their works., At that time, no one could compete with her., After she turned 20, her life changed forever. In the first half of the year, she was like a pearl that everyone cherished and looked up to. In the second half of the year, she became infamous and despised by everyone., At the wrap party of a television drama, she was injected with a lot of drugs., The drug was low quality. Once she got addicted, it wasn’t easy to quit. Because of the effects of drugs, she developed a bad temper. Once her drug addiction acted up, she would feel as if countless bugs were scratching her heart. She ignored the fact that she was filming and ran to the bathroom to take drugs. She knew that she had gone off the deep end, but she didn’t dare to quit drugs, nor did she want to give up her current life., Gradually, all kinds of scandals were exposed. Rumor had it that she was stuck up, found substitutes to act out her scenes, bullied newbies, was an alcoholic that was guilty of drunk-driving often, and got her roles through casting couch. There were even rumors that she gambled, evaded taxes, and took drugs., At first, there were still a large number of fans looking for evidence to clear her name. No one believed that the girl they had watched grow up would do such a thing. But as more and more scandals appeared, they also became suspicious., What convicted her was a piece of news that topped the trending searches that day., Lu Zhen was detained for 14 days for drug use., All her crimes seemed irrefutable., The pain of the two cars colliding instantly spread throughout Lu Zhen’s body. Lu Zhen was in so much pain that her consciousness became blurry., At that moment, time slowed down. Memories of the past surfaced in her mind. Lu Zhen smiled mockingly. Tears mixed with blood slid down her face, as if they were tears of blood., Her body was pressed under the car, and her blurry vision was fixed on the LED screen that occupied an entire wall of the office building. On it was, there was a photo of a man., It was a middle-aged man. He was handsome and had a calm temperament. Despite his age, there was an unparalleled charm to him. Just looking at the photo made one unable to look away., On careful look, the man’s face actually resembled Lu Zhen’s. Lu Zhen’s heart started to ache when she saw the man., Suddenly, a pair of high heels stopped in front of her and the woman slowly squatted down., “Lu Zhen, you actually wanted to run me over with your car? Heh! Only you would think of something so stupid.”, Hearing the familiar voice, Lu Zhen gritted her teeth and said., “Lu Rou!” Lu Zhen’s blood flowed out her mouth with every word, as if she was crying tears of blood., Her sister, who she had once doted on, was also the person who had set her up., Lu Zhen looked at the person in the black and white photo on the LED screen and felt a sense of sorrow., “Dad, we’re really father and daughter. We both got set up by the same person.”, “Lu Zhen, this time, your father is also dead. I finally don’t have to worry about my identity being exposed. The two of you can reunite underground! You can also acknowledge your relatives, hahaha!”, Lu Rou’s laughter was like a sharp sword stabbing into Lu Zhen’s chest and causing her to bleed., “Lu Rou, you will suffer retribution. I will watch as you suffer retribution one day.”, Lu Zhen spoke intermittently and blood kept gushing out of her mouth. She watched helplessly as Lu Rou walked away with a victorious smile…, She was indignant! She regretted it!, If she had called the police after realizing that she had been injected with drugs, would those slanderous comments have appeared?, If she had corrected her father in time when she found out that he had mistaken Lu Rou for her, would her father be alive now?, If only…, She had too many regrets in her life. If only she could start over…, Soon, the news of Lu Rou’s death was on the news again. There were a few regretful comments on the Internet, but they were covered by curses and celebrations., On the day of the burial, because Lu Rou had no family and had a bad reputation, not many people came to pay their respects. Among the less than ten people, a slender and elegant man placed a bouquet of white lilies in front of the tombstone., “Sorry, I came too late.”, “Sister, I’m sorry. I didn’t take good care of you. Wake up!”, Before Lu Zhen woke up, she heard a wail. This voice… belonged to Lu Rou?

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